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Safe power,
how you want, when you want

They are made with sinter metallic materials, available in several formulations all in-house developed for the SICOM brake system to tailor the brake behavior, the pedal feeling and so the sensitivity on customer’s demand: from comfortable street driving to the highest demanding hill climb racing application. All the particular formulations allow an increased friction coefficient even at low rotor temperatures, thus to guarantee to the customer the proper braking performance even from the very first brake applications.

Chamfer, for a comfortable ride

Developed to be always positioned at the leading side, it helps to stop the own micro vibrations of the system before they become an audible and annoying sound. The particular geometry of the pad properly works in cooperation with the so-called 3-points pad abutment design.
Together, this structure creates a robust system in terms of noise and vibrations reduction.
The noise robust design of caliper and pad allows SICOM brake systems not to use the noise shim, so giving to the driver a smoother and more direct pedal feeling and a safe brake reliability.