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All the brake systems work by transforming the kinetic energy of the vehicle into heat, that then must be dissipated. A proper dissipation of the heat generated and the precise control of the temperature evolution are fundamental criteria to guarantee the performance stability and reliability of the brake system.

In carbon ceramic brake systems the system temperature is much higher (around 900-1.200°C) than cast iron brake systems (around 500-600°C) and the thermal control becomes more important and more critic if not properly managed.

There are several consequences of a poor temperature control and the main one is the loss of brake power and efficiency, immediately recognizable from the driver.

Automotive GmbH, thanks to its decennial experience in the Motorsport competition world, understood this key requirement and applied its know how to the SICOM C-C/SiC brake systems.

Each SICOM C-C/SiC brake system is designed, developed and equipped with cooling ducts that help to keep the system temperature under control. The SICOM brake system cooling ducts are integral part of the complete C-C/SiC brake system and they work in cooperation with the special design of rotors and calipers to obtain the best cooling efficiency for the most reliable braking performance and driving pleasure.

Cooling system step 1 - Sicom Brakes
Cooling system step 2 - Sicom Brakes


SICOM Automotive GmbH applies its brand philosophy in every single component and in fact, all the SICOM brake system cooling ducts are hand-made in house using only the best quality carbon fibers.
The SICOM brake system cooling kits are designed to fit the original car geometry, requiring in case, just minor modifications. Upon application availability, two different configurations of cooling kits can be chosen, according to the customer diving habits and style:


Sport cooling kit is standard included (upon availability) in every SICOM C-C/SiC brake kit. It is designed to direct the cooling flow to the rotor and despite its simplicity it is extremely effective to keep the SICOM C-C/SiC brake system within the correct temperature range.
This kit is the right configuration for all those customers who drive their cars in a sport mode on the street and on the race-track.

Sport cooling kit - Sicom Brakes


For those customers who want to use one hundred percent of the SICOM C-C/SiC brake system potential on the race-track, this Race Cooling kit is the right choice.
On top of the functionalities of the Sport cooling kit, the Race cooling kit takes air from the front of the car using the original venting intakes and the cooling flow is directed to cool the rotor, the pads and the caliper. This solution is tested, developed and successfully released worldwide within huge Motorsport events, from Hill climb Races, to GT and GT3 championships.

Race cooling kit - Sicom Brakes