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Suitable under your feet,
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These piece of engineering art is the core of the braking system, capable to hold all the forces generated during braking.
All SICOM brake system calipers are made by machining of a forged billet of high grade aluminum alloy 7075 T6 (Rm around 550MPa): the material itself is more than 3 times harder than competitors casted aluminum.
Taking advantage of the decennial experience developed in racing and motorsport and using the most advanced design techniques, the special design allows to maximize the caliper stiffness, to drastically reduce the weight and to increase the pad surface.
The calipers are designed with the human skeleton logic: the material is only present in key points, where it is necessary to guarantee the structural stiffness and the resistance to extreme loads.

As comparison, see the chart of caliper weight without pads for comparable application (19” wheels application):

Competitor (JP) OEM for AMG GT Max 390 mm 4,0 kg
Competitor (UK) kit - Aftermarket Max 410 mm 4,7 kg
Competitor (IT) kit - Aftermarket Max 411 mm 4,1 kg
Competitor (IT) OEM for W212 AMG Max 390 mm 5,1 kg
SICOM brake (DE) A405 Max 410 mm 3,7 kg

Stiff like diamond

The SICOM brake system calipers are designed to improve their stiffness and to reduce deformation under extreme temperatures and pressures.
These improved characteristics have huge benefits for the driver in terms of more accurate brake pedal feeling and direct response from the brake system.

This is also obtained by using 7 or 8 high strength 10.9 class steel screws, while competitors typically use only 5 or 6 screws.

Stiff like diamond - Sicom Brakes

Cold pad, hot performance

Pad abutment: SICOM brake system calipers are fitted with a special 3-points design abutment to let the pad cool down; this solution is innovative and it is in opposition to competitors who mainly have a closed abutment that doesn’t allow a proper cooling flow, necessary to reduce the pad temperature and to guarantee thermal stability, fundamental requirements for carbon ceramic brake systems.

Pad cooling - Sicom Brakes

Internal Fluid

Internal fluid piping: the internal design and the absence of the external piping allows the following advantages:

  • better and more elegant caliper design
  • no risk of fluid leakage
  • no risk of pipe damaging, forcing then the customer to unexpected maintenance
  • less components for caliper assembly
Internal fluid - Sicom Brakes

Extreme style

While most competitors offer only few standard colors, the SICOM brake system calipers have huge degrees of personalization. There are two basis coatings: Nickel coated and Matt black hard anodized; both of them guarantee the highest standards in corrosion protection.

Then the black anodized caliper can also be completely or partly painted with any codified color (RAL, Pantone, etc.. ).
On top the calipers can be fitted with exclusive carbon covers, in order to give a more unique carbon look.

Extreme style - Sicom Brakes


Suitable under your feet,
for a fantastic ride.


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