Caliper A420 la Rabbiosa - Sicom Brakes Caliper A420 la Rabbiosa - Sicom Brakes


la Rabbiosa
Release it in its natural habitat: the race track

This is the latest SICOM Automotive GmbH creation and la Rabbiosa gathers all the most advanced concepts nowadays available; the ultimate SICOM Automotive GmbH know-how has been used to obtain the maximum results from the SICOM C-C/SiC brake system, like:

  • A new pad with an effective area greater than 160cm2
  • A dedicated layout with 10 piston distributed on two rows; this configuration has been obtained as the result of simulations aimed to find the best homogeneity in pressure distribution in the pad
  • The possibility to use rotors with huge diameter (from 420mm) with an increased pad radial height
  • An extremized use of the Skeleton design logic for best weight saving
  • A special study of the cooling flow especially for the pistons and for the pads


  • Pistons 10 titanium pistons with different bore and ceramic inserts for proper pressure distribution
  • Weight 5,1kg (without pads)
  • Pad area more than 160cm^2
  • Rotor fitment from 420mm
  • Application Minimum wheel diameter: 20”
Caliper A420 la Rabbiosa - Sicom Brakes


This caliper is designed for most powerful and heavy sport-cars and SUVs with special focus on extreme sport driving.


Perfect cooling

The central piston has special air conveyors that generate a special air flow: cold air is sucked up from the bottom of the caliper, and, passing through the caliper body and around the piston it reduces the complete brake system temperature.

The 10 pistons design logic is also an used trend within the newest cars, that all use a 10 piston design for their carbon ceramic applications, like Porsche Cayenne Turbo S and so on.

Perfect cooling - A420 la Rabbiosa - Sicom Brakes


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