Caliper A405 la Passionale - Sicom Brakes Caliper A405 la Passionale - Sicom Brakes


la Passionale
Racing feeling on street driving

La Passionale is the MUST HAVE for the most successful sport-cars since it successfully combines those special features that make it the perfect brake system for racing and track-days with an elegant and charming design.

When the form meets the function: la Passionale is conceived by engineers and shaped by passionate designers.

The chosen design allows no compromise to performance and the result is a best in class product. In its class:

  • It is the lightest
  • It fit the largest pad
  • It mounts the biggest rotor: 410x42mm in a 19" wheel


  • Pistons 4 titanium pistons with different bore and ceramic inserts for proper pressure distribution
  • Weight 3,7kg (without pads)
  • Pad area more than 150cm^2
  • Rotor fitment 410 mm
  • Application Minimum wheel di ameter: 19”
Caliper A405 la Passionale - Sicom Brakes


La Passionale is designed for powerful sport-cars with special focus on racetrack and high end use.


Big foot

In la Passionale the pad area has been maximized in order to guarantee:

  • a constant and reliable performance under the most demanding conditions
  • the most homogeneous thermal stress distribution for a smooth wear and long mileage
A405 la Passionale Pad area - Sicom Brakes


Suitable under your feet,
for a fantastic ride.

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