Caliper A380 - Sicom Brakes Caliper A380 - Sicom Brakes


la Furba
Minimum size, maximum performance

When the driver has racing DNA, then la Furba is the right choice.
This caliper is an evolution of the A370 caliper family and during the definition of the project targets, the clear goal was to maximize the possible rotor diameter considering the 18" rim size as typical racing application.

La Furba can be mounted on front brake systems with:

  • 380mm, fitting most of the 18" OEM and aftermarket wheels
  • 400mm, fitting 18" aftermarket wheels with particular design


  • Pistons 4 titanium pistons with different bore for proper pressure distribution
  • Weight 4,4 kg (without pads)
  • Pad area more than 120cm^2
  • Rotor fitment from 380mm to max 400mm
  • Application Minimum wheel diameter: 18”
Caliper A380 - Sicom Brakes


La Furba is designed for light and medium weight cars facing racetrack and sport street driving.


When every millimeter counts

In this caliper everything is designed to take advantage of the available wheel space: as for the A370 caliper family, the screwed central bridge is a micro-fusion of stainless steel, a particular material that guarantees high mechanical resistance at high temperatures. In la Furba the screwed bridge geometry is an evolution of the previous models and it has a special cross section with an H shape, that allows the rotor to extend its diameter within the volume usually occupied by a standard bridge.

Caliper A380 - Cross section with an H shape - Sicom Brakes


Suitable under your feet,
for a fantastic ride.

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