Caliper A370 la Leggera - Sicom Brakes Caliper A370 la Leggera - Sicom Brakes


la Leggera
The weight is just a memory

When the target is the extreme weight saving, the choice then is the A370 caliper family: this group of calipers is designed to maximize the weight saving, using only the most noble materials: forged aerospace aluminum and titanium.

This family has two calipers available:
Front caliper A370, capable to fit front rotors from 350mm to 370mm
Rear caliper A370R, capable to fit front rotors from 350mm to 380mm

The front caliper is bigger in order to accommodate bigger diameter pistons and thicker rotors.
Both calipers share the same piston positioning logic and the pad holding system.


  • Pistons 4 titanium pistons with different bore for proper pressure distribution
  • Weight Without pads: from 1,7kg (rear model) to 2,8kg (front model)
  • Pad area more than 90cm^2
  • Rotor fitment From 350mm to max 370mm (front) and 380mm (rear)
  • Application Minimum wheel diameter: 16” or 17”
Caliper A370 la Leggera - Sicom Brakes


The A370 caliper is designed for front brake application on light cars and for rims up to 17” diameter.
The A370R caliper is studied for rear brake application on most of the sport cars and can eventually be used as front caliper for extra light cars.


Fast Pit-Stop

The central bridge is a micro-fusion made of stainless steel in order to guarantee the maximum caliper rigidity. The stainless steel has been chosen thanks to its properties of high mechanical resistance at high temperatures and of absence of corrosion and rust. The special design allows a fast pad change without dismounting the caliper from the knuckle, just by unscrewing the central bridge. This function is dedicated to the track-day lovers and race-track addicted, who can easily and promptly change the pads.

Fast Pit-Stop - Sicom Brakes


Suitable under your feet,
for a fantastic ride.

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